The Bankrupt Australian Health System

The Bankrupt Australian Health System

The Bankrupt Australian Health System describes the state of the Australian healthcare system problems and argues that there has been an abuse of government power. Dr. David A. Corbett gives an Australian healthcare system overview with a detailed account of how the system came to be the way it is today.

For those wishing to bankrupt their country’s economy, they need look no further than the structure of the Australian medicare system. This national health system was generated entirely from political ambition and alienated many of those working in the field. Its inefficiency is a monumental waste of resources and a drain on the country’s economy with nobody having the courage to correct it.
Australia’s Medicare System was introduced to win votes without any thought of the consequences, and is now one of many problems contributing to the need for an Australian healthcare system problems overview.

There is no planning for the future.Nurses and doctors are reaching over-supply, and health provider training is not up to standard.Waiting lists for elective surgery are getting longer every year, and the cost is exploding. The introduction of such a free system, where anyone can send a bill to the government without question, is unsustainable.

A significant part of the cost of the health system is presently diverted from health care and goes to supporting a massive insurance and legal industry not to mention a host of unnecessary bureaucrats – a distinct case of government power abuse.

The Australian health care system problems involve the three main players in the system – politicians, administrators and health service providers. Regrettably, very few people comprehend the full extent of forces directed against the system or the inter-relationships between the main players.Government power abuse and insufficient health provider training are contributing to the problems with this troublesome system.

Dr David Corbett has been involved in the progress of health care in this country for over 45 years. He is appalled at the obvious stupidity but advances some simple low-cost solutions.The Bankrupt Australian Health System intends to educate the public about the extent of the problems faced in this country.

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