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The Fantasies of Modern Physics


Here we explore an entirely new geometry of the ellipse using Cartesian co-ordinates. From this understanding, we look at Kepler’s laws and clarify their inaccuracies. We also show that the constant R3/T2 is really another expression of the law of conservation of orbital kinetic energy.

For centuries, there has been a belief that there is a dual nature of light. A comparison with ocean waves shows that the dual nature is only apparent because of the different responses of light to different conditions.

The Lorentz Transform and Einstein’s theories of Relativity resulted from the negative results of the Michelson-Morley experiment of the late 19th Century.

However, it is shown that the experiment was severely flawed. The derivation of the Lorentz transform as explained by Einstein consists of a series of mathematical schoolboy howlers. Hence the theories of relativity enunciated by Einstein are pure fantasy with no mathematical basis.

There is much confusion about “Black Holes” – most of it due to confusing the visual appearance with their physical basis. There is also a belief that the universe is expanding based purely on the incorrect assumption that the spectral red shift of distant stars is a Doppler effect.

Virtually all of the fantasies of modern physics are protected by the system of “Peer Review” which denies publication of views contrary to those held by “respected authorities”. This book aims to open up discussion to everyone and, to start the ball rolling, proposes a Unified Field theory in which Electromagnetic radiation and Gravity are associated.

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