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The Lies of the Land

The Lies of the Land discusses manipulation and usurpation of power.The goals of political intrigue are rarely those in the interests of humanity but commonly in the commercial interests of the rulers. The main weapon of our rulers is fear. Once fear is instilled, their motives are then not questioned.

The history we are taught about World War II does not bear any logical scrutiny. There is bountiful evidence to suggest that Hitler and the western powers had covert agreements and co-ordinated actions. An examination of the Nuremberg trials leads to the inexorable conclusion that they had nothing to do with justice and everything to do with the extermination of witnesses to a criminal conspiracy.

Regrettably, deceit is not limited to politicians. Virtually every special group in society practices some form of misrepresentation to protect its own powers and the prestige of its members. These misrepresentations ultimately cost us all dearly. But there is also a cost to the perpetrators: their own advancement is stalled because their self-serving propaganda blinds them to greater truths.

We thus have corruption in science and education. We have prisons whose costs far outweigh their benefits. We have climate-change doomsayers instilling irrational fear in others in order to convince themselves that they are saving humanity from itself.

In short, instilled fear paralyses our powers of logic to the point that we readily accept political actions that would otherwise be regarded as patently absurd.It is usurpation of power at its most obvious.

Our rulers maintain their position by telling us what they want us to believe. These lies – the lies of the land – are used to keep people in fear and thereby protect the rulers from displacement.

All classes of society perpetuate myths to maintain the control of their senior members.

The Lies of the Land is aimed at exposing many such lies and suggests ways of detecting and resisting the usurpation of power.

This book aims to expose these methods of deceit.

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The Fantasies of Modern Physics

The Fantasies of Modern Physics is a book on theoretical physics with a twist. Discover the interesting theories that demonstrate many of the known scientific theories to be untrue. Learn about new discoveries in planetary orbit information, problems with the Michelson-Morley experiment, and the confusion about black holes. Forget all you knew about science and read this book with an open mind.

Scientists have accepted many theories simply because they seemed like a good idea at the time. When facts belie the theory, the facts are ignored. Virtually all of the fantasies of modern physics are protected by the system of “peer review” which denies publication of views contrary to those held by “respected authorities”.

The Michelson Morley experiment, which resulted in the Lorentz transform and Einstein’s theories of relativity, was severely flawed. The postulate that the “Red shift” of distant stars is due to a Doppler effect is mathematically untenable.

Here we explore planetary orbits information and the unified field story in a much simpler and user-friendly geometry of the ellipse using Cartesian co-ordinates. From this we can show that Kepler’s constant, R3/T2, is really another expression of the law of conservation of orbital kinetic energy.

An explanation is given as to why scientists have erroneously believed in a dual nature of light and a new Unified Field Theory relating Gravity with Electromagnetic radiation is postulated.In addition to physics unified theory, there is also incorrect planetary orbit information that physicists are refusing to believe.

Many accepted scientific hypotheses are demonstrably wrong but they are protected against challenge by peer review. Because theories are not exposed to open challenge, much money and resources are devoted to useless endeavours rather than to true research. The Fantasies of Modern Physics looks at some of these theories and proposes corrections as well as a Unified physics field theory.

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The Bankrupt Australian Health System

The Bankrupt Australian Health System

The Bankrupt Australian Health System describes the state of the Australian healthcare system problems and argues that there has been an abuse of government power. Dr. David A. Corbett gives an Australian healthcare system overview with a detailed account of how the system came to be the way it is today.

For those wishing to bankrupt their country’s economy, they need look no further than the structure of the Australian medicare system. This national health system was generated entirely from political ambition and alienated many of those working in the field. Its inefficiency is a monumental waste of resources and a drain on the country’s economy with nobody having the courage to correct it.
Australia’s Medicare System was introduced to win votes without any thought of the consequences, and is now one of many problems contributing to the need for an Australian healthcare system problems overview.

There is no planning for the future.Nurses and doctors are reaching over-supply, and health provider training is not up to standard.Waiting lists for elective surgery are getting longer every year, and the cost is exploding. The introduction of such a free system, where anyone can send a bill to the government without question, is unsustainable.

A significant part of the cost of the health system is presently diverted from health care and goes to supporting a massive insurance and legal industry not to mention a host of unnecessary bureaucrats – a distinct case of government power abuse.

The Australian health care system problems involve the three main players in the system – politicians, administrators and health service providers. Regrettably, very few people comprehend the full extent of forces directed against the system or the inter-relationships between the main players.Government power abuse and insufficient health provider training are contributing to the problems with this troublesome system.

Dr David Corbett has been involved in the progress of health care in this country for over 45 years. He is appalled at the obvious stupidity but advances some simple low-cost solutions.The Bankrupt Australian Health System intends to educate the public about the extent of the problems faced in this country.

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